Personal kit and minimum laptop to prepare food.

  • level simple
  • time 1 hours, 15 min
  • license CC-BY-SA

Why you made it?

What problems does it solve: order and availability of objects possibility of arranging according to the desired lighting possibility to bring the kit where we want (in another room or in another house!)

What is it dong?

Visual requirements: avoid dazzling / transparent materials that do not reflect light Prepare opaque materials have chromatic contrasts of at least 70% (consult color contrast tables) avoid using too many colors take into account the different situations of low vision

How the object is made?

Toolbox contents: The kit is custom designed from IKEA kitchen utensils, easy to find and affordable. chopping board 3 knives scissor potato peeler cheese grater


Laser Cutter Hammer PC

Marco, visually impaired, needs an extremely organized workspace to cook in safety and with comfort. Work tools must always be in the same position and be easily distinguishable by contrast and color. PIC-AP offers a “comfort zone”: a minimal and personal working environment, where the visually impaired people can work safely, having the certainty of finding his instruments. The functionality of the project makes an appropriate tool to give (or re-give) the ability to prepare food anywhere and independently, making it a product suitable for different types of users. It’s not connoted as equipment for people with disabilities.

What I need to build it?

  • plexiglass 4mm
  • wood 10mm, we suggest Beech wood
  • natural impregnating agent

Step 1 Preparazione dei file

Time: 20 mins

Use the files “lasercut” to cut the plexiglass 4 mm scarica i file a questo link

Step 2 assemblaggio

Time: 55 mins

Use the files “cnc mill” to cut wood 10mm, we suggest Beech wood


  • Marco Boneschi
  • Fabrizio De Paoli (designer), info@digitalfucina.com
  • Sebastiano Ercoli (designer), sebastiano.ercoli@gmail.com
  • Rosa Garofalo, rgarofalo@subvedenti.it
  • Alberto Ghirardello (designer, project leader), info@albertoghirardello.com
  • Davide Mercenati (designer), davide.mercenati@libero.it
  • Francesco Rodighiero (designer, tutor), francesco.rodighiero@gmail.com
  • Nicolò Venturi (designer), nicovallauri@gmail.com
  • Ludovico Russo (documentation, tutor), ludus.russo@gmail.com